Client Focus

The primary objective of PORATH EXECUTIVE SEARCH is to identify and deliver to clients an outstanding shortlist of talented executives for selection against agreed criteria.

Understanding our clients' businesses and commercial objectives is an imperative.

PORATH EXECUTIVE SEARCH utilises its skills and experience to match the objectives of both parties.

Research Driven

PORATH EXECUTIVE SEARCH has developed skills and methodologies which enable identification of outstanding executives across almost every business sector. Pre-selection processes ensure that the best available talent is recommended to clients. Specialist knowledge is acquired to enhance results.

International Research Scope

PORATH EXECUTIVE SEARCH has strong relationships with professional Executive Search companies located in key markets worldwide. This provides PORATH EXECUTIVE SEARCH capability to collaborate with peer specialists to utilise Research capabilities, or to jointly undertake a full Transborder Executive Search. Mark Porath was a Co-Founder of TINZON GROUP Global Executive Search.

Candidate Care

Talent is respected by PORATH EXECUTIVE SEARCH. Interaction with Candidates is proactive. Stringent reference checking is a risk management tool employed by PORATH EXECUTIVE SEARCH in the interests of all parties.

Career Strategy Advice

Many senior executives are so focused on their business targets and activities that they neglect to develop a viable strategy for their own career. Mark Porath has been providing key strategic assistance and advice to many topline executives for almost 25 years. Click now on mycadplan