The first book of Mark Porath's trilogy Colour of Stealth was a mystery thriller. It challenged us to think in more detail about our ancestors and who they might have been in reality?

Convicts extradited from England to Australia and New Zealand in the late 1800s, in many instances unbeknowingly provided an entirely new generation of citizens.

Impact of Stealth is the second book in Mark Porath's trilogy It recognises the wide ranging implications for families in Australia and New Zealand, not only in the 1890s, but also in the modern twentieth century era.

The third book of Mark Porath's trilogy Reality of Stealth offers some answers to the mystery thriller. It not only challenges, but demands, that we think more laterally and in intense detail, about our ancestors. Any assumptions that we have made, based on family 'hand me downs' over the years need to be seriously challenged for authenticity.

Convicts extradited, or bribed, to come from England to Australia and New Zealand in the 1800s, delivered a platform for families to create new generations. The implications remained unknown to many heritages, until intense investigation provided stunning evidence of historical relationships which were previously unknown.

Reality of Stealth is the final of the the trilogy. Coming to grips with actual reality is the challenge encountered by many people related, and unrelated, to some specific happenings, the outcomes of which were never expected.

After decades of successful corporate and privately owned business careers spanning leadership, international sales, marketing, financial services, executive search, and private investment, Mark published the third book of a trilogy. Mark has lived on the North Shore of Auckland for many decades and enjoys the freedom and beauty of the local environment.

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